The Polyglot keyboard is a steno keyboard that allows both Steno and Qwerty input methods. It has 42 keys, outer thumb numbers, a utility belt, and a Qwerty mode. Learn how to set up your keyboard here: Download Plover

The Layout

Steno mode

Polyglot Steno Layout

Qwerty mode

Polyglot Qwerty Layout


Be careful when customizing your keyboard because modified keyboards cannot be returned.

The Polyglot offers a wide variety of customization options. Some popular modifications are listed below, sorted easiest to hardest:


Customize your firmware with embedded steno.

Embedded steno lets you use steno on any device such as an iPad, chromebook, or school/work/public computer. Embedded steno allows you to use steno as a plug-and-play device without the need for Plover. Although, Plover has more features and plugins, embedded steno is a great option for steno-on-the-go. this may be still a work in progress for the Polyglot


You can swap the space and shift keys in Qwerty mode by downloading the firmware from stenokeyboards-firmwareopen in new window.

For different layouts such as Colemak and Dvorak, there are two ways to achieve this. First, the most easiest way is to change the layout on your computer. Second, if you want to change the layout on the Polyglot keyboard itself, you can download the "everything" firmware provided on our stenokeyboards-firmwareopen in new window repository.

For advanced people, you can change the layout using QMK. This is the GitHub repositoryopen in new window with the Polyglot firmware.

Spring Swap

Learn more about spring swapping here: Spring Swap

For the Polyglot, if you plan to use it mostly for Qwerty typing, you probably don't want to spring swap it because the keys may be too light.


Learn more about silencing here: Silencing

Last Updated: 4/14/2023, 3:21:44 PM