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Video Instructions

The video below shows you how to connect a steno keyboard with Plover. This applies to the Uni, Polyglot, and Asterisk. If you want a written version, it's right below the video.

Help! My keyboard still doesn't work: debugging tips

How to connect your keyboard with Plover

Step 1: Open Plover

Open Plover.

Click the Configure gear icon on the top left corner.

Step 2: Configure Machine

Click on the Machine tab.

Select Gemini PR as the machine

Step 3: Connect the Keyboard

Below, click on the button that says Scan.

Click on the drop down for Port and select the COM number (or usb_modem on a Mac) that popped up. If more than one number shows up, use guess and check to find out which one is correct.

Click APPLY at the bottom. Double check everything looks good and click OK.

Step 4: Test the Keyboard

Double check that the drop down shows 'Gemini PR' and it says 'connected' beneath it. If its not, try clicking the refresh icon.

Under output, make sure that its Enabled.

If you don't see any output, try another COM port listed in the dropdown in the Configure > Machine tab (AKA go back to step 3).

For further debugging, take a look at the debugging tips.

Step 5: Start Stenoing!

Practice! Make sure to join the Plover Discordopen in new window and get the Uni role in the #get-roles channel to show everyone you have a Uni.

Check out Resources for places you can learn and practice steno.

Have fun!

Debugging Tips

If your keyboard does not work, there are a few things that you can do.

  1. Check that the cable you are using is a data cable, the cable that comes out of the box should be a data cable.

  2. Quit Plover and run it again.

  3. Go to Configure > Machine then click Gemini PR. Click scan and try all the ports in the drop down.

  4. Make sure that Plover is enabled.

  5. Take a look at Not working on Windows

  6. Take a look at Not working on Mac

  7. Take a look at Not working on Linux

  8. The very, very last resort: Reflashing your keyboard

Not working on Windows!?

Sometimes Plover seems to not work on a Windows computer. You will most likely have to check whether there are any other programs on your computer running as administrator, such as Chrome. If there is, you'll have to reopen them not in administrator mode by changing the settings.

For instructions on how to do this, please refer to the wiki page dealing with this error: Open Steno Wikiopen in new window

If all else fails, or you don't feel like following those instructions above, you can always just run Plover as administrator and the problem will probably be solved. But this is not recommended.

Not working on Mac!?

If strokes are being logged in the Plover paper tape, but no output is showing on the computer, you may have to go into the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and check Plover to give it access.

If Plover has already been checked and the keyboard still does not work, remove Plover from the Acessibility list by clicking the "-" button. Then click on the plus icon to re-add Plover. This should now fix the problem.

Not working on Linux!?

If you get a permissions error on a Linux, one solution is to run Plover in sudo mode, though this is not recommended. The better solution is to add yourself to either the "dialout" or "uucp" group.

Learn more here: in new window

More Info

You can check the Plover wiki on GitHub for more info: Plover wikiopen in new window.

Here are some learning resources: Learning Resources

Here are some ways you can customize your keyboard for better performance: Customize

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