Silencing your keyboard makes your keyboard quieter. There are two ways you can do this. O-rings and silent stems. O-rings are a bit louder than silent stems, but it is easier to do. Swapping out the stems is a bit more difficult but the result is a much quieter keyboard.

Silent Stems

I found Gazzew Silent Linear Stemsopen in new window online and they are pretty great at reducing noise. Swap them out by removing the the top housing, just as you would when spring swapping, and replace the stem. You can even do this while you are swapping springs and/or lubing so that you don't have to open the switch more than once.

The Gazzew stems I found reduced the sound considerably and made the keyboard a bit smoother even without any lube.


O-rings are silicone/rubber dampeners that silence your switches on the bottom out.

You install these on your keycaps around the stem. It's recommended to use two layers of o-rings on OEM R3 keycaps (the keycaps that are on the Uni v3 by default).

You can buy o-rings for pretty cheap on Amazon by searching "keyboard o-rings".

Some mechanical keyboard enthusiasts don't like the mushy feel of o-rings, but the mushiness is great for steno because it softens the impact of hitting multiple keys and shortens the travel distance.

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