Install Plover

Download the latest version of Ploveropen in new window by following the following instructions.

Under Assets install the Windows Installer (or macOS or Linux depending on your operating system). Then go through the installation setup.

This video shows you how to install Plover:

Note: The following video only applies to installing Plover and using a normal keyboard. To set up your steno keyboard please see the next page!

Oh no! My computer doesn't allow me to install Plover!

Work computers, school computers, and chromebooks may not allow you to install Plover. Don't worry because there is another way to do steno on these devices.

You can install Javelin Firmware on your Uni v4, Polyglot, or Asterisk to get on-board steno translation.

Learn how to get embedded steno here: Embedded Stenoopen in new window

Last Updated: 3/5/2024, 2:13:41 AM