This page is for those whose keyboards don't work out of the box with Plover, or for those who want to customize the keyboard's firmware. Take a look at Default firmware if your keyboard is not working.

Default firmware

StenoKeyboards' default firmware, as well as the Qwerty firmware, can be found here: in new window

If your keyboard is not working, try flashing it with the default or Qwerty firmware by following the instructions here: StenoKeyboards Firmwareopen in new window

Embedded steno

Use the Uni without Plover with embedded steno. Embedded steno means the keyboard will send translated steno directly to your computer.

This is the link to the customizer: Javelin Stenoopen in new window

Customize layout with QMK

The Uni is on the QMK master branchopen in new window.

You can customize your layout if you have experience with modifying QMK.

1st up and repeat firmware

This is a firmware upgrade for your keyboard if you want that 1st-up-send and/or repeat feature. If you don't know what that means, you probably don't want to mess around with this feature.

You can find these firmware here: in new window

Basically what this is is an extra feature that makes fingerspelling and repeating chords easier.

The 1st up feature sends an entire chord when you lift one key regardless of whether you're pressing down other keys. For example, you can hold down * and fingerspell without having to lift the * key.

The repeat feature spams the last chord that you double tap. For example, you double press and hold "HEU" and the keyboard repeats "hi hi hi hi hi hi hi" until you let go.

This is a video explaining more about it: Aerick's explainer videoopen in new window

Last Updated: 12/6/2022, 2:31:30 AM